{append} is used for creating or appending template variable arrays during the execution of a template.


Assignment of variables in-template is essentially placing application logic into the presentation that may be better handled in PHP. Use at your own discretion.


Attribute Name Type Required Default Description
var string Yes n/a The name of the variable being assigned
value string Yes n/a The value being assigned
index string No n/a The index for the new array element. If not specified the value is append to the end of the array.
scope string No n/a The scope of the assigned variable: 'parent','root' or 'global'

Option Flags:

Name Description
nocache Assingns the variable with the 'nocache' attribute

Example 7.7. {append}

{append var='name' value='Bob' index='first'}
{append var='name' value='Meyer' index='last'}
// or 
{append 'name' 'Bob' index='first'} {* short-hand *}
{append 'name' 'Meyer' index='last'} {* short-hand *}

The first name is {$name.first}.<br>
The last name is {$name.last}.


The above example will output:

The first name is Bob.
The last name is Meyer.


See also append() and getTemplateVars().